Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…

7 Jun

Indigo Rose Tomato

Well, things are heating up and hurricane season is officially underway. We survived the passing of Tropical Storm Beryl and have enjoyed a few afternoon showers this week. A handful of cucumbers and squash were lost but all in all not much damage to the garden considering the high gusts of wind that whip through off of the marsh. I definitely made sure to stake and trellis the tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers well and they seemed to hold up to 30-45 mph winds….not too shabby.

Bee pollinating squash.

We have been spending the last week or so raking and hauling truckloads of limbs and moss from around the compound and I now have quite a lot of material to do some composting with. Luckily there was no damage to the Inn or any other buildings around the compound.

We got a special delivery of bees to the garden a few weeks ago. Michael, our beekeeper is pictured above filling our hives with approximately 85,000 bees! These guys will definitely help pollinate  the cucumbers and squash and produce some delicious honey in the future. Things are growing quite well and the crops I seeded last week have already germinated thanks to all the rain. Sweet potatoes, peanuts, beans, okra, and the second round of cucumbers, melons, squash, and zuchinni are on the way! I have started to harvest cherry and slicing tomatoes and a handful of assorted spicy and sweet peppers. The eggplant are flowering, the herb garden is filling in nicely and the flowers are blooming. I look forward to an abundant harvest this summer! Until next time, happy gardening.

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