29 Aug

Black beauty, little finger, and listada di ghandia eggplant.

Well one things for sure….we are not in a drought. We have received afternoon showers pretty much everyday for the last two to three weeks. While the plants do seem to enjoy rain, it can be challenging to grow some crops with the amount of rain we have received this month. The sweet potatoes and peanuts seem to be able to handle sitting in wet soil for days. However, the tomatoes and peppers are fairly diseased and don’t seem to enjoy having their feet wet for a solid two to three weeks. The okra seems to produce no matter what. I have been harvesting 2-5 lbs of okra every other day and as soon as I turn around I swear half of the pods have already matured. The eggplant also seem to be able to handle the wet soil and we have harvested quite an abundance this month.

As things cool off a bit this week, I have decided to experiment with a few fall crops that can handle a bit of heat. I recently seeded some turnips, radishes, and arugula, as well as some yellow, purple, and green bush beans. So far these guys are up and looking healthy. Thankfully they are planted in a field that is a bit higher and has decent drainage.

I decided to cover crop one of the fields in order to build the soil and give the plot a rest. I used a sorghum sudan grass and cowpea seed blend in order to create biomass from the sudan grass and fix some nitrogen from the cowpeas. This is where I plan on planting out fall brassicas and overwintering beets and carrots. So far the cover crops are growing well and seem to be out competing late summer weeds.

Loggerhead sea turtle

On another not, I was lucky enough to come across a nest of sea turtles hatching on the beach the other night and was able to witness them taking their first swim. Pretty unbelievable experience!

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