About Greyfield Inn

Cumberland Island, Georgia’s southernmost barrier island, was the 19th century retreat of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie, who built the Greyfield mansion for their daughter, Margaret Ricketson, in 1900. Converted to an inn by Margaret’s daughter, Lucy R. Ferguson, in 1962, Greyfield Inn exudes the welcoming atmosphere and charm of a family home. Just as it was for the turn-of-the-century Carnegies, Cumberland Island is still a unique sanctuary for wildness on the American continent and a safe retreat where one can enjoy restorative peacefulness.

A stay at Greyfield includes fine Southern breakfast, picnic lunch, gourmet dinner featuring the finest organic specialties, island outings with our naturalist, use of bicycles, kayaks, fishing and beach equipment–as well as round-trip transportation aboard our private ferry from Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Still operated by Carnegie descendants, Greyfield Inn provides early morning birding and wildlife watching tours daily.  These outings last about an hour and a half and our guests will be back in time for a scrumptious breakfast.  Also, anytime, private or specialty tours for families, birders, or photographers can be arranged ahead of time through Greyfield Inn.

For reservations or anything else, please contact our office at 866 401 8581, or email at seashore@greyfieldinn.com.

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